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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Job in Japan

Dear Mr. or Ms. Nathan,

Thank you for your mail, and I'm sorry it takes time to respond to you back.
I would like to answer your question asked in the last mail.

Unfortunately, we don't have any schools related to Krishnamurti's approach
to Education in Japan nor ,at least, we have not been noticed, if there is
Therefore, I'm sorry that we can't be your help.

One thing, however, we can recommend you is to put yourself in the
classified ad.
It might cost some ( you need to make sure about it), but we think that is
the best
way we can come up with when you want a job with a certain condition.
We have free English papers called"Metropolis", which are distributed every
Friday at over 600 locations throughout Tokyo, Yokohama, and Chiba area.
"Metropolis" contain a wide range of classified ads, and so it might be
useful for you to look
at, even though you don't actually put your ad on it.

As for classified ads in Japan, the Japan times has a variety ads on Monday.
I'm not sure whether you can check it out online or not, but I put the
paper's address anyway.

Also, my friend's friends are a Germany couple who now lives in Japan and
teach English.
I thought it would be helpful if you can contact them.
I'm asking my friend's friend e-mail address right now.
I'll let you know, as soon as I find it out.

We all hope you'll find a job you can be satisfied with.

With warm regards,

Junko Tsuyuki
Krishnamurti Center of Japan


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